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Review- Thoughtful by S.C Stephens

Thoughtful (Thoughtless, #1.5)

 It's time for Kellan Kyle, the rockstar who captured our hearts in Thoughtless, to tell his side of the story. The only place Kellan has ever felt at home is on stage. Gripping his guitar in a darkened bar, he can forget his painful past. These days his life revolves around his music and his band mates, and that's the way he likes it. And then one woman changes everything . . . Kiera is the kind of girl Kellan has no business wanting - she's smart, sweet, and dating his best friend. Certain he could never be worthy of her love, he hides his growing attraction . . . until Kiera's own tormented heart hints that his feelings might not be one-sided. Now, no matter the consequences, Kellan is sure of one thing: he won't let Kiera go without a fight. ‘What happens when you find your soul mate at the worst possible time, in the least expected place? What if being with that person means doing the most wrong thing you've ever done?

[It] leaves you thinking about these questions, the characters and their choices for days if not weeks after reading.’ TAMMARA WEBBER, New York Times bestselling author on THOUGHTLESS

My Review 

I loved the Thoughtless series so I was so excited when I heard we were getting Kellan's side of the story. It did make me nervous  as something re-tell sometimes don't work but I was no disappointed with this one. 

Kellan is and will always be one pf my favorite book boyfriends so to hear his thoughts and feelings of the events that happened in Thoughtless. Its a quite emotional and painful story as times as Kellan shares his feelings for Kiera only for her to keep choosing Denny. I heart went out to Kellan many a times as I was reading. As with the first book I felt the angst again, I felt angry for Kiera's actions all over again. 

The reason it wasn't a 5 star read for me was I just felt it was a little long, I did at time find the dialogue a little long and found myself skimming little bits. 

It was a great through that fans of Kellan Kyle will love and it's not just an story re-told but it does also enhance the first story. I would recommend reading book 1 first to then get the full effect of this one. 

Overall a brilliant beasutiful, emotional story and I'm happy as its more from Kellan Kyle. 

ARC gratefully received from Little, Brown Book Group UK in exchange for an honest review

S.C. Stephens is a New York Times #1 bestselling author who spends her every free moment creating stories that are packed with emotion and heavy on romance. In addition to writing, she enjoys spending lazy afternoons in the sun reading, listening to music, watching movies, and spending time with her friends and family. She lives in Washington State with her two children. Follow her on Twitter @SC_Stephens_

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Review - When Joss Met Matt by Ellie Cahill

When Joss Met Matt


In the tradition of New Adult superstar Jessica Sorensen, Ellie Cahill’s debut novel is a charming friends-with-benefits story . . . with a twist!
What if after every bad breakup, there was someone to help “cleanse your palate”—someone who wouldn’t judge you, who was great in bed, someone you were sure not to fall in love with? “Sorbet sex” could solve everything—as long as it never got too sweet.
Joss and Matt have been friends since freshman year of college, meeting one night after Joss is dumped by her boyfriend. After a few drinks,Matt humors her with a proposition: that he’ll become her go-to guy whenever she needs to heal a broken heart. In return, she’ll do the same for him. The #1 Rule: They’ll never fall in love with each other. People scoff at the arrangement. But six years later, Joss and Matt are still the best of friends . . . with benefits.
Through a string of boyfriends and girlfriends—some almost perfect, some downright wrong—Joss and Matt are always there for each other when the going gets tough. No strings. No attachments. Piece of cake. No problem. After all, since they wrote the rules, surely they can play by them. Or can they?
Advance praise for When Joss Met Matt:
“Hands down, one of my favorite New Adult reads . . . Ellie Cahill is definitely one to watch!”New York Times bestselling author Cora Carmack 
“This is one of those books that make you forget everything around you. Prepare to be consumed by this story.”—Sophie Jordan, New York Times bestselling author of Wild
“Fun, sexy, and full of amazing chemistry, When Joss Met Matt is an entertaining escape that will leave you smiling with every turn of the page.”—Cassie Mae, author of The Real Thing

My Review 

A great story of friends to lovers story. It puts a spin on to the friends with benefits type story. 

Joss and Matt meet in college when agree to start up with friends with benefits type relationship to  help with Clearing  their palate after failed relationships. The story flicks between present day and past. I enjoyed the the first section of the story but as we got details of  relationships they each had I did find it hard to make a connection with characters. It was only once again near the end that I felt it again. The story feel more NA to me as their are no details of the steamy scenes. Some of the dialogue between Matt and Joss was very witty and  made me smile to myself at times. 

Overall an enjoyable read and I would recommend to pass an afternoon. 


Ellie Cahill is a freelance writer and also writes books for young adults under the name Liz Czukas. She lives outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with her husband, son, and the world’s loudest cat.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Teaser- Sex on the beach series

Today is the big teaser reveal for the next books in the SEX ON THE BEACH series! This series includes the novellas FINDING YOU by Jenna Bennett, LOSING US by Jen McLaughlin, and CHASING ME by Jennifer Probst. This teaser reveal also includes the book trailers for Losing Us and Chasing Me.
The next installments in the SEX ON THE BEACH series
coming MARCH 3rd

CHASING ME by Jennifer Probst

ChasingMe_Teaser7daysRBOOK TRAILER:



Quinn and James' Story Continues in Chasing Me... It was supposed to be a love story....

I knew she was out of my league but I didn’t care. Looking back, I wonder if I hadn’t pursued her, would things have turned out differently? Is it Fate that determines our choices in life? God? Free will? Or just plain old innate selfishness? I got her, of course. There hadn’t been a girl I wasn’t able to seduce. Problem was she seduced me right back, body, mind, and soul. She possessed me, tormented me, and showed me a world that was so bright and pure I was almost blinded. Didn’t she know after such a drug I could never settle for less? Didn’t she realize no matter how many times I screwed up, or broke her heart, or bent her to my will, I’d never be able to let her go? If I hadn’t known such intensity existed, would it have been better for both of us? True love, the real kind, isn’t nice and sweet and pure. No, it’s dirty, and sinful, and messy. It’s like ripping a chunk of flesh from your body and watching yourself bleed out in slow, helpless intervals until you thankfully pass out.

This isn’t a love story. But it’s the only story I got.

LosingUs Amazon

LOSING US by Jen McLaughlin





When it all comes crashing down...

Everything I thought I had with Austin Murphy—safety, stability, the normalcy I crave but my celebrity lifestyle rarely allows—was ripped away in one night. I wanted to surprise him, but the joke was on me. Now I don't know if I ever really knew him at all.

Someone has to pick up the pieces...

Mackenzie Forbes was everything I ever wanted and the one person I didn't deserve. When a past mistake costs me the girl I love, I'll do everything I can to get her back. We both have demanding careers and family secrets darkening our pasts, but I need Mackenzie in my future.

Sometimes everything you have to give just isn't enough...


FINDING YOU by Jenna Bennett



Sex on the Beach, the do-over. I had a simple plan for what to do in Key West the second time around.

Testify at the trial of the rapist I helped catch last year. Make sure he gets locked away for the rest of his natural life, so he can never, ever hurt another girl. Wait for my BFFs to get to town, so we can celebrate. And stay far away from Ty Connor, because three months after breaking up with him, I still don’t know whether being with him is worse than being without him.

Spring Break, take two. All of the above? Out the window. Turns out testifying is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Not only is the rapist I helped catch last year not locked away for the rest of his life, he’s on the loose and looking for me. Oh yeah, and it’s definitely harder being without Ty than being with him, especially when I have to watch him with someone else. Welcome to my world.


LOSING US by Jen McLaughlin Links:





CHASING ME by Jennifer Probst Links:

Amazon: Kobo:


FINDING YOU by Jenna Bennett Links:



  goodreads GOODREADS CONTEST For each book that gets to 500 adds, 5 pages of that novella will be released! 10 pages will be released after 1000 adds, and 15 pages after 1500 adds! So, spread the word and be sure to add each book to your goodreads list. LINKS: LOSING US - CHASING ME - FINDING YOU -  





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Release Blitz and Review - Point of Surrender by Stacey Lynn

Point of Surrender (Nordic Lords MC, #4)
Stacey Lynn
Release Date: February 10, 2015
Debt. Guilt. Death. Finn Walker has spent years carrying the weight of his regret and guilt with him wherever he went. When he found his home with the Nordic Lords Motorcycle Club, he quickly learned their outlaw lifestyle allowed him to banish his guilt with his fists and guns and no one would stop him. It was freeing, and now, he fits right in. Friends with Ryker Knight for years, Meg McNeery turns to the one place she knows is safe when she needs safety more than her next paycheck. On the run from a man determined to receive payment for a debt he believes Meg owes, she knows the Nordic Lords Clubhouse in Minnesota is the only place where she and her five-year-old son, Brayden, will be safe. What Meg doesn’t expect is her instant, magnetic attraction to Finn. And when her running ends with the three of them trapped together…it not only tests Meg’s physical self-control, but it also causes Finn to face his demons. Finn has sworn he’d never get involved with another woman again, much less a woman with a child, but he can’t stop thinking about Meg, the blue-eyed angel who silences his nightmares. When Finn’s past fears and present threats collide…will he finally be able to save the woman who needs him? Or will Meg end up like his ex, Piper? 
Buried six feet under.

My review 

Finally we get Finn's story, I have been waiting for him to get his own book since book 1. I've always wanted to know more about Finn,

Finn has always been a mysterious character in first three books and in this one we finally get to learn all him and his background. Finn tends to try and keep himself to himself. That is until he Meg. There is an instant attraction between Finn and Meg but neither them wants to act on it till one very hot and steamy night. Can Finn put his past behind him to be with Meg? Can they both bury there demons?

This was another great book in the series. Each one has been unique and I have loved reading each one of them. There is great chemistry between Finn and Meg and plenty of hot scene. The story flowed really well and once I started i didn't want to put it down. I would highly recommend this great MC series. 


Also Available
Nordic Lords series
Nordic Lords Boxed Set (Nordic Lords MC Books 1-3)
Point of Return (Nordic Lords MC #1)
Point of Redemption (Nordic Lords MC #2)
Point of Freedom (Nordic Lords MC #3)
About the Author

Stacey Lynn

  Stacey Lynn is the #1 Erotic Bestseller of Don't Lie To Me. She lives in the midwest with her husband and four young children. She can usually be found lost inside her own head, trying to bring her characters to life. When she's engaged in the real world, she's spending time with her family, drinking large amounts of coffee, and eating Skittles by the handful.  
Connect with Stacey
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Review - Crash Ride by T Gephart

Crash Ride (Power Station, #2)


Megan Winters had lusted over Troy Harris, drummer for international rock band Power Station, for years. Not being the type of girl who was invited backstage, her fantasies had stayed just that, fantasies. When her best friend unexpectedly starts dating one of the other band members it puts her on a crash course at war with her libido. Her solution— they need to have sex. Surely once she had scratched that itch, and saw the fantasy didn’t live up to the reality she could move on. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Troy Harris vowed to stay away from Megs. The sexy, smart and funny blonde left his mind and his body feeling like a pretzel. No matter how attracted he was to her, she was a no-go zone. The best friend of his best friend’s girlfriend? Cue the reality show. But when she gives him the chance to have a one-night no strings good time, there was no way he could turn that down. Maybe she was right. One night, and then they could go back to being just friends.

Both of them were delusional.

Book two of the Power Station series.

My Review 

4.5 Stars 

I really enjoyed Highly Strung which is the first book in the series. Crash Ride is the second book and its Meg and Troy's story. We first met Meg and Troy is book 1 as Dan and Ash's best friend. I was so pleased we got there story as there hints in book 1 about their relationship.

You got to see the chemistry between Megs and Troy on book 1 and it was very strong in this book 2. The story dealt with quite a few heavy issues but author manages to deal with these well and in a fairly lighthearted manner. Meg is brassy and bold and won't be messed around and Troy you could tell wanted more despite not wanting to admit it to himself or Megs. It was great to see how Megs and Troy's story fitted with book 1 and then have it extended into this book. It was also good to see snippets of Dan and Ash in the book and a little bit more of their story. The story flowed well and had a good pace. There were ups and downs and drama's along the way but once I started it I didn't want to put it down.

Overall it was a great sexy, fun story and I look forward to reading other books in the series.

*I received an ARC review in exchange for an honest review



Monday, 16 February 2015

Blog tour- Loyalty and Lies by L A Cotton

Loyalty and Lies Blog Tour

Book Title: Loyalty and Lies (Chastity Falls #1)
Author: LA Cotton
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 2015
Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions


Loyalty and Lies (Chastity Falls, #1)

Eighteen-year-old Savanah Parry just moved three thousand miles across state to escape. The memories…the whispers…the pain.

Chastity Falls Academy is supposed to be her fresh start; her salvation. And when Ana meets mysterious Jackson, she begins to think it is. She hasn’t smiled in almost sixteen months; not since the night her life changed forever, and despite her guilt…her loyalty, Ana can’t deny that Jackson is breathing life back into her. With Jackson by her side, Ana wants to believe she can heal and move on. But she isn’t the only one living a lie, and the small private Academy has secrets of its own. All is not what it seems, and Ana is about to find herself in a tangled web of lies; fighting for survival, again.

Loyalties will be tested, lies will be told. Welcome to Chastity Falls.

My Review 

Loyalty and Lies is a great read for fans of YA/NA reads. Having read L A Cotton's two other books this has to be my favorite to date and fits much better into the NA genre of books I tend to read. 

The story is about Savanah and Jackson. As the title suggests its a story about testing loyalties and at times webs of lies. The story is told from Savanah's point of view. Overall it was an enjoyable read. I did think that Savamah was quick to take what Jackson was telling her, I'd be asking more about what is going. I expect that we may find out more in book 2. As I say this was more YA/NA for me but there are a few sexy scene thrown in. The story is well written and has a good pace. It does end on a cliffhanger and I will be reading the next book to find out what happens. 

* I received an ARC in exhange for an honest review. 


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Cover Reveal- Changing Tides by Sarah Darlington

(Kill Devil Hills #2)
Author: Sarah Darlington
Release Date: March 16th!

"Nate West. Hollywood bad-boy. Television megastar. Womanizer. Basically everything I hate about the male species rolled into one handsome package. And yet…I want him."

Ellie Turner is a lesbian. She has tattoos, short hair, and a ‘don’t-mess-with-me-attitude.’ She knows who she is, loves who she is, and couldn’t care less what the rest of the world thinks of her. And since she has the most kick-ass best friend on the planet, Noah Clark, even when family drama gets in the way, nothing can offset her happy-go-lucky demeanor.

Until television star Nate West comes along. All thick muscle and alpha-male testosterone. When Ellie meets him on an airplane the only thing Nate West should be good for is a brand new profile picture on Facebook. Right? Wrong. Turns out he’s good for so much more.

This man is going to flip everything Ellie thought she knew about herself upside down.

***NA Romance. This novel is the second book in the Kill Devil Hills series, however it can be read as a standalone. Recommended for 18+ due to sexy scenes, explicit language, and adult themes. 

Changing Tides (Kill Devil Hills, #2)

Author Bio:

Sarah Darlington lives in Virginia with her husband and two-year-old son. She's a former flight attendant, navy brat, constant day-dreamer, wannabe photographer, and an avid scrapbooker. She loves to travel and is working on visiting all 50 states.

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Other novels in the Kill Devil Hills Series:
Noah is determined to escape his past and keep his life under control. Then he saves the life of his best friend’s little sister, Georgina Turner — who is battling her own demons. He can't get her out of his head, even if Georgina tears down the emotional walls he so carefully built.
Read chapter 1 and 2 here

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